High Quality, Lowest Cost Sputter & PLD Targets, Evaporation & Single Crystal materials , Ceramic machining, Sputtering Systems & Thermal evaporators for SEM Sample Preparation and thin film research

Materials for Research and Development

High Purity Evaporation Products

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Sputtering and PLD targets , Low gas incorporation. Fine, Uniform grains.
Perovskite based organic and inorganic Solar cell Material.
Unique Customized target compositions and sizes

Precision hard Ceramic machining- SIN, SiC, ZrO2, Macor, TiB2
Single Crystal wafers, rods
Lowest Cost Carbon evaporators and metal sputter systems for SEM sample preparation and thin film research .

NEW- C coated SiO powder for Li ion battery anode

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Lowest cost Rare Earth Sputter Targets!

PVD Materials, Ceramic Components, & Single Crystal substrates

High Purity, Low cost thermal and electron beam Evaporation materials 

Sputter targets

Single Crystal  Wafers

High Thermal conductivity Ceramics

SEM sample coaters